• API & Bespoke 
  • Commerce
  • Integration 
  • Watson Commerce / Supplychain
  • IBM Marketing Cloud / silverpop
  • IBM Integration Broker
  • Hippo / Drupal CMS
  • Drupal / Aquia
  • Android & iOS Apps
  • Cloud and IOT
  • IBM WebSphere Commerce
  • IBM Sterling OMS/WMS
  • IBM Marketing Cloud
Getting hold of the right expertise to deliver complex projects can be costly and time consuming. Cnetric thrives on the delivery of projects to budget, quality, and deadline. By utilising Cnetric resources, your project budget can be laser-focussed on the project deliverables, minimising wastage and bench time. Our resourcing models are flexible to account for a wide range of requirements, ranging from one-off T&M activities, to full offshore programmes. We’d love to chat with you and understand how we can help.

Our delivery team provides highly experienced, specialist resources to enable our customers and partners deliver excellent online experiences.

Getting hold of the right expertise to deliver complex projects can be costly and time consuming.

By utilising Cnetric, deadlines and quality gates can be met, whilst driving efficiencies within the total labour cost.

In addition to our internal labour pool, Cnetric has access to the world-renowned pool of technical talent which exists in Bangalore. This enables the provision of offshore expertise without the complexity of setting up an offshore hub.

Cnetric’s engineering hub is based in Bangalore, home to some of the largest global software companies. As a result of the local ecosystem, Cnetric has access to a host of highly experienced Java, .Net, and PHP developers.

Bespoke projects from software houses, and API development work to enable existing solutions to leverage new services, is a core part of our offering.

Within this practice we can also supply the appropriate UX, Test, Programme Management, and Infrastructure resources – enabling you to quickly scale up a virtual team for your project.

As new models of Commerce constantly evolve, having a project team that can understand, analyse, and quickly deliver to quality, is essential.

Our Commerce practice has experience delivering some of the largest Commerce projects in Australia & the US. Such projects often require significant Integration and Infrastructure skills – areas we have specifically invested.

Project Capabilities

In addition to these areas, we can offer skills in platforms such as SAP Hybris, WordPress, Magento, Eloqua, and experience implementing an array of Payment Gateways, CRM/ERP/POS/Membership System Integrations.

Further capabilities can be supplied depending on the nature of the requirement.

With over 13 years of delivering integration services, we can provide capabilities that support both short term direct integration projects, and more strategic ESB/SOA based integration approaches.

Our team has experience delivering such projects for large Financial Services organisations and Telecoms companies, as well as niche integration services to deliver Commerce projects.