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Navigating Technology Channels for Startups

“90% Of Startups Fail: Here are the top 5 reasons why“

  1. Skillsets – startups find they cannot access the right skills at the right time and at the right cost

  2. Project Management – MVPs require Agile methods by their nature. But not everyone is an expert in lean, scrum, Design Thinking and Kanban

  3. Career Development – startups often cannot offer the diversity and challenges required to meet the career development needs of developers, content managers, architects and data scientists

  4. Infrastructure – while cloud providers make it easy to spin up environments and software, maximizing the efficiency of those environments is an artform few have mastered

  5. Security and Privacy – there are many secure cloud environments, but ensuring end-to-end security and data privacy to meet increasingly stringent standards such as GDPR requires a lot more

Cnetric Global Inc 3
Cnetric Global Inc
Cnetric Global Inc

Engineering as a Service

You do the Innovating | We do the Tech | 1 Single Service

A complete Software Development Lifecycle service, from requirements to design to development and maintenance

Access to all the hot skills (full stack development, AI, Deep Learning, RPA, IoT, Blockchain, Low Code App development, etc.)

Access to real experts in the technologies that matter

A fully elastic service – just pay or what you use

  • Choose from a rich menu of services

            • Creative Design
            • User Experience
            • Solution Analysis and Design
            • Feasibility Studies
            • Development and Implementation
            • Performance Engineering
            • Production Support & Enhancements
            • 24 x 7 Technical Support and Monitoring
            • Cloud Service and License Optimization

  • Agile, scrum, sprints, Design Thinking and Kanban in every stage of the lifecyle
  • Continuous engineering, integration, testing and delivery
  • Access to the motivated, startup-minded, skilled resources you need
  • Secure data through state-of-the art masking and de-identification techniques
  • A turnkey solution for all of your technology engineering needs
  • 1 single service for all software, compute, storage, network and integration needs

Anytime/anywhere development, testing and production implementations

Access to product engineering teams experts across the globe, through a self-service portal


Near Shore – Off Shore Full Offering

You do the Innovating | We do the Tech | 1 Single Service

  • Offshore Offshore  Development Center in Bangalore, India
  • Nearshore Development Center in Gudalajara, Mexico
  • Allow companies to choose and blend, in part, on cost comparisons, proximity to their business location, and language or cultural considerations
  • Provide T&M and SLA based offerings
  • The combination of all to give a 24×7 offering in the form of support
  • Bilingual support catering to Americas (North and South) market

Cnetric Global Inc
Cnetric Global Inc
Technology as a Service

Source of talent in emerging technologies

AI: Watson AI, Amazon AI, Google TensorFlow and Cloud Auto ML,  Gluon.

IoT:  Vantiq Modelo, Watson IoT,  GE Predix, Azure IoT, AWS IoT, Zebra Zatar, SalesForce IoT.

Blockchain: IBM Blockchain, Microsoft Coco & Corda, Intel Sawtooth.

RPA: UiPath, Datamatics, Jiffy, RPA Express.

ChatBots : IBM Watson Assistant,, Botkit, Alexa Integrated.

Integration: MuleSoft, Oracle ESB , IBM IIB, Talend


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Regional VP of Sales


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