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This Think 2019 Meet MARCO : Just as Marco Polo guided his team through China, MARCO is an Intelligent, Deeply Integrated Guide to supercharge your customer engagement

The Cnetric Chatbot That Is Eager To Engage Your Users

Do You Have The Right Conversational AI Strategy For Your eCommerce Store ? Or Are You Lost in the Chatbot Hype ?

IBM Think Chatbot 2019

What if you, as an ecommerce site operator, could do of all that without a team member involved 24/7/365 ? MARCO - The Cnetric Watson Chatbot – is your answer.

  • Built by IBM alumni-run global digital agency Cnetric Inc.
  • Built on the IBM Watson AI development kit – the unrivalled industry leader in AI technology 
  • Backed by 15 years of DX implementation experience designing, developing and managing some of the world’s most successful ecommerce projects.
  • Leadership and Innovation teams led by IBM alumni executives,
  • Specialist SI in IBM tech with over 80 IBM projects executed
  • Built for cross industry applications serving special scenarios within Retail/CPG, Telcos, Manufacturing, Education. Healthcare and more.
  • Wide use cases including site engagement, marketing bots, customer support bots and other self service use cases.

Launching Universal Commerce @ Think 2019 - San Francisco

Cnetric Global Inc

Build your frontend using generic eCommerce microservice API’s, that decouples the backend and gives flexibility to use best of breed technologies.

The business logic and customisations are developed as services in the UC Business Layer. This enables easy switch between eCommerce engines, CMS etc..

Scale the front end with optimized API interaction during browsing and access eCommerce engine only during order processing. The micro services are allocated runtime capacity.

Create a multi-channel experience and extend the capabilities across different channels like DXP(Portal & shop), Mobile App, Social channels to give a unique brand experience.

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Dr Commerce


Cnetric’s Dr. Commerce service is intended to instill a continuous optimization mindset within enterprises, by using tools that surface up bottlenecks, pain points and struggle areas early, it enables organizations to quick resolve issues and provide a seamless customer experience.


Cnetrics Dr Commerce

Winning the Innovation War

Accelerates Digital Innovation
by discovering and curating 300+ Startups, then easing the evaluation and adoption of emerging technologies for Enterprises

Reduce the Time, Cost and Risk of Enterprise Innovation

Innovation as a Service


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