Watson Commerce

A scalable commerce platform that delivers a personalised experience to customers. The platform is designed to handle multi-language, multi-brand, and multi-region requirements. It includes powerful marketing capabilities to improve Order Conversions and Average Basket Value.


Bloomreach is an Analytics Cloud, which utilizes data science techniques to improve how search engines see your site – driving increased traffic to your site. The service then enriches the in-site search experience, adding context to user searches.

Mobile Apps

We can offer the ability to extend your store - applying the rich Marketing, checkout, and account features to be consumed via a mobile app. The consumption of the service via IBM WebSphere Commerce allows a single user session between site and app, identical offers/campaigns, and a single source of truth for real time pricing, inventory, and product data.


A suite of dedicated Order Fulfilment tools. These provide a centralised inventory, order promising and fulfillment hub. Sterling OMS/WMS supports fulfillment across all multiple concurrent sales channels, include Marketplaces and physical stores.


Temando is a platform which enables lowest-cost shipping on a per-shipment basis, selecting the optimum courier. Temando adds a layer of intelligence that then allows easy access to carrier selection, returns processing, and order tracking.


A powerful SaaS platform that enables Marketplace capabilities on Enterprise eCommerce sites. The service enables independent vendors to load and control their catalogue, seamlessly - displaying their products for consolidation by the eCommerce platform.


A powerful Multi Channel campaign marketing tool. The service empowers organisations to develop highly personalized, contextual interactions, nurturing customers and enabling relevant communications that customers love to consume.


A rich behaviour analysis solution which provides critical insight into customer behavior on your site. IBM Tealeaf enables an organization to review the online journey of a segment of customers – such as those with abandoned carts, and understand why they are leaving the site.


Provides extremely rich and concise trending & real-time information on site visitors, right down to the individual user. The analytics compile on a per-customer basis, building a rich picture of the customer journey across multiple visits - even when more than one device is used!


A tool that adds additional visibility alongside your existing Digital Analytics solution. Bloomreach Compass uses trending data to identify poorly performing pages, content, and other key site metrics, and allows tactical development to resolve areas of low sales performance.


Dynatrace offers the ability to analyse site performance from a number of perspectives. This includes Synthetic Monitoring to understand how remote users experience your site; and Dynatrace APM, to deliver deep inspection of the underlying platform.




Today’s consumers use multiple channels to research, compare and purchase. They may search for a product on mobile and finally complete a purchase in-store. Providing touch-points for each of these interactions is not enough; you must connect the dots in a meaningful way. Our Commerce practice focuses on putting the customer at the center of your world. We ensure that their experience of your brand is personal and consistent


With over 10 years of experience delivering IBM Watson Commerce implementations, we experts in delivering seamless consumer experiences. As well as delivering implementation projects at scale, We offer crucial skills to develop your Omni Channel Business, including: We offer crucial skills to develop your Omni Channel Business, including: Performance Optimisation Integration to Mobile Apps Testing UX/UI Development In-Life support Integration to Business systems Bespoke development Lifecycle Consultancy

Cnetric offer a range of Front-End solutions for both Mid Market and Enterprise organisations. For those targeting online sales of $5m+ IBM WebSphere Commerce provides a highly scalable platform, complete with highly flexible marketing tools that drive Increased Order Value, and Order Conversions.

For the Mid Market, our suite of powerful and easy to use SaaS platforms will have you up and running in no time – with a highly professional and flexible user experience.

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Once an order is captured, that order needs to be fulfilled and delivered in the most cost effective manner. But even before then, the customer needs to know whether that product is available – perhaps even have visibility of whether he can instead collect at a local store.


As highly informed and empowered consumers, we desire access to details that allow us to make our lives easier – and that means researching, purchasing, and receiving customer service on our terms. By providing a single, consolidated source of truth for orders, you can provide relevant and detailed information to consumers throughout their experience of your brand.


The Inventory visibility and optimization that an Order Management solution provides, allows slow moving stock in various siloed locations to be identified, repurposed, or promoted to reduce wastage. By providing visibility of stock at all locations and stages of utilization, stock levels can be optimized, and organizational cash flow released.


In addition to optimizing fulfilment activities, Order Fulfilment services allow organisations to take advantage of diverse and innovative fulfilment models such as Dark Stores, 3rd Party Collection Points, and Collect From/Return to store, as well as enabling organisations to experiment with alternative shipping/warehousing models.

Furthermore, visibility of stock allows Front-End systems to automatically prioritise in-stock or excess stock items in search results or Marketing eSpots, as well as highlighting potential stock shortfalls. In this way, the customer experience can be optimized, and losses due to wastage cut dramatically.

Cnetric’s Order Management and Warehouse Management practice leads will help you implement and optimize such systems to enable improved efficiency from Order Fulfilment teams.


Behavioural Marketing, based on the IBM Marketing Cloud, is a two-way conversation at scale – understanding your audience, and engaging with them as individuals.

By collating information on the many small interactions a customer has with your brand, and combining this with location, buying history, and profile information, we can then provide highly personalized content.

We can learn about our audience via a huge range of inputs, including:

Geo Location App information

Website Interactions

Email views / non-views

CRM Data

Loyalty System information

Social Media Interactions

SMS replies

POS/ERP data


With this rich resource of customer data, we can then provide highly relevant, personalized communications to your audience.

However, Behavioural marketing then goes one step further, and allows the mails to be triggered based on the behavior of an individual.

Perhaps an individual has:

Has visited your site twice, but not purchased

Only clicked on email content that refers to a specific product set

Just walked past a store

An upcoming birthday

Such events can all trigger relevant communications over a variety of media.


Retail analytics starts with the ability to gather interesting statistical data on users – their locations, device types, and time spent on the site, as well as the number of unique and returning visitors.

Such information is useful background for a website owner, as it demonstrates the relevance of the site. However, for an online retailer, this doesn’t provide the hard data to answer questions such as:

  • How are my conversion rates relative to industry averages
  • Which products are generating the most interest?
  • Which promotions are most appealing to users?
  • What online campaign(s) are the source of a given sale
  • Where is my revenue coming from?
  • Which products are underperforming?
  • What products are trending?


By understanding behavior right down to the individual user – across browser tabs, over months and years, and across different devices, and then offering aggregated insights to highly accurate user data, Watson Analytics gives you the insight you need to drive your business growth.

Combining this with Cnetric’s Consulting, Implementation, and Support, we can provide you the tools to drive significant growth.

The service offers an intuitive dashboard to analyse key Commerce metrics, and then allows the user to deep dive an understand campaign influence, strong and weak product areas, and to find areas of concern – whilst benchmarking against industry standard values.